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Who we are , What we do ?

Bhartiyaairways provides placement assistance for its students through various organizations in India and abroad in the field of Aviation and Hospitality, which facilitate coaching opportunities notably across geographies.

Bhartiya Airways assists you to attend a series of seminars, workshops and various customized programs which guide as well as polish your skills and provides you with better decision making while choosing a career path.

Benefits of working in aviation industry

Travel Opportunities

It provides a wide range of travel opportunities along with a challenging and passionate role to the working professionals. At the same time it gives you an edge to learn and live different cultures of various communities in India and overseas. As the role is demanding, it also provides you to learn new things every time you travel to a new place while being on job.

Meeting New People

In such a dynamic, fast paced industry, a job in the aviation industry means that you are part of a bigger picture, helping to keep things moving and keeping up with the changes. Working for an airline or airport gives you an opportunity to meet new people on day to day basis and while working at different level.

Developing Career

As a business it's in the best interest of airlines and airports that their employees are in developing stage and emerge as star employees, so they ensure that they offer their employees extensive training and career development.

Along with annual reviews, lucrative annual financial incentive scheme are to ensure that their employees' contributions are recognized. Monarch Airlines for example have a team of development professionals from various backgrounds whose job it is to support Monarch employees with their learning and development.

Lifestyle Benefits

Airlines and airports do recognize the importance of their employees and know to provide extra benefits to the aviation professionals while on and off duty to ensure their employees happiness. Different airlines provide different kind of benefits to their employees in form of deals on holidays, stretching the benefits to staff beyond simply the in-flight benefits. And it is not just limited to this, while few airlines, flight crew qualify for discounts on rental cars and hotels.



We guarantee the confidentiality of our client data through strict control over our infrastructure, as well as our physical and personal access rights.

Increase Job Opportunities

Work placements can help students recognize their future career paths.

Increased positive contact with employers

If a placement experience is high quality, employers are more likely to come back year after year with additional placement vacancies, as well as look for other opportunities to link with the Bhartiya Airways.