Air India Flights Hub Airports:

Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi and Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai Headquarters are in Delhi, India. Covered destinations: 102, including 57 domestic and 45 overseas.

Classes on Air India

Air India flights are divided into three classes: First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class.

First Class on Air India
Air India First Class epitomises luxury. The first class seats on Air Indias airliner have amenities such as a 180-degree recline, ample legroom, and a headrest. They make certain that you get to your destination in pristine condition. Air Indias two-abreast seating scheme ensures that you receive either an aisle or a window seat. The warm smiles and the great art of exclusivity greet you.

They offer a variety of dining options, including Chicken Malai Kebab, Grilled Lamb Chops, Cocktails, Vintage Wine, and smooth Champagne. Furthermore, they provide duty-free shopping on board, which includes well-known brands and more.

TheExecutive Class on Air India

Air India Executive Class is a haven for both business and leisure travellers, with spacious cabins and plush seats. Other benefits of Business Class include plenty of legroom and excellent reclining. You will be greeted with fancy cocktails as well as delectable snacks and full meals.

Economy Class on Air India

Economy class on Air India is ideal for those on a tight budget. On Air India flights, you will be served complimentary meals.

Air India Services

In terms of in-flight entertainment and amenities, the airline provides delicious food, comfortable seats, and various channels to watch Hollywood movies, television shows, music, and other videos. They make certain that you have a good time on board.

Air Indias seats recline 180 degrees and have plenty of legroom and a headrest. They also have a Sky Bazaar programme where passengers can buy perfume, jewellery, or liquor.

Air India Flight Booking also provides passengers with the option of checking in online. There is no need to stand in long airport lines. You can choose your preferred seat online and print your boarding pass immediately.

Q)Which Air India flight route is the lowest this month?

Ans-Air India Airlines cheapest flying route this month is from Mumbai to Aurangabad.

Q)Which day of the week does Air India have the lowest fares?

Ans- Wednesday is the most affordable day to fly with Air India Airlines.

Q)How many places does Air India travel to daily?

Ans-Every day, Air India travels to 19 different locations.

Q)Which Air India route is the most affordable?

Ans- Air Indias cheapest route is from Mumbai to Aurangabad.

Q) How to Cancel an Air India Flight Online?

Ans-To cancel your Air India flight tickets, go to the booking section of the BhartiyaAirways website or mobile app.

Go to the cancellation tab after selecting your upcoming Air India flight. You can cancel your entire booking or any specific passenger or trip. Before cancelling, review the cancellation penalty and refund amount. The refund amount would be credited to the account used to make the reservation.

Q)How many airports does Air India serve?

Ans-At the moment, Air India serves 19 airports.

Q)Which are the best airports served by Air India?

Ans-Air India has the most flights to the following airports: Aurangabad Airport (UX), Vijayawada Airport (VGA), Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (HYD), Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru (BLR), and Durgapur.

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