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Do you want to travel around Patna? Well, if you select road transportation, it will take almost 19 to 22 hours to reach there. Additionally, Delhi to Patna road distance is nearly 1085 km. Hence, it will be good to opt for Booking Delhi to Patna flight because that will safeguard your time and provide journey with ease. Bhartiya Airways is a exclusive platform for booking reasonably priced flight tickets to anywhere within India.

Moreover, it is simple to know through Bhartiya Airways because we constantly get air ticket reservations, and we keep updating our passengers about airfares. Furthermore, various flights are available via Bhartiya Airways, making it easy for people to have a comfortable journey choice. Not just flight reservation, but we want to ensure that travellers should not face any obstacle in finding accommodation, accommodation, hotels and resorts during the stay in Patna.

About Patna City

Patna has a lot of cultural and historical significance. Its diverse history dates back as far as thousands of years ago, even though different empires ruled it for centuries. These interwoven identities are still present in modern-day Patna. Patna is a city in the state of Bihar, which is northeast of New Delhi. It is home to the Ganges River, which flows in the course of the city and magnetizes visitors from all over India.

Preserving the prosperous past of India, Patna was first mention in written history dates back to 5th century BC. The city is often called Patiliputra because it was founded by one of the Maurya King Chandragupta Maurya. The city is filled with monuments to explore but the modern city is just as interesting. With monasteries, temples and museums, Patna gives a thousand reasons to visit and explore even today.

Patna is often connected to Delhi via train and air, but airplane travel is good. With Indian Airlines planes leaving regularly, you can use Bhartiya Airways to find the best Delhi to Patna flight fare for your desired travel plans.

About Patna AirPort

Jay Prakash Narayan International Airport, or Patna Airport, is the primary airport serving Patna. Bhartiya Airways will help you get flights and check your status before buying your tickets. You should always make sure with airlines to see if any Delhi to Patna flights is available. A lot of people think that the best time to start looking for a flight is when the fare goes on discount, which generally happens one or two times per year.

Most known Tourist Attractions in Patna

The City of Patna has a certain charm to it due to the rich heritage and its rich lifestyle. Some of our top picks are listed below so that you can explore the city while enjoying these incredible monuments, temples, museum and many more

  • • Jalan Museum
  • • Golghar
  • • Takht Sri Patna Sahib Gurgdwara
  • • Srikrishna Science Centre
  • • Nalanda Mahavihara
  • • Patna museum
  • • Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library
  • • Mahavir Mandir
  • • Ruins of Pataliputra
  • • Gandhi Ghat
  • • Patna Planetarium
  • • Mahatma Gandhi Setu
  • • Ajanta
  • • River Ganga
  • • Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden
  • • Sitamarhi
  • • Sonepur Mela
  • • ISKCON Temple in Patna
  • • Agam Kuan
  • • Madhubani paintings
  • • Patna Eco Park
  • • Kumhrar Park
  • • Gandhi Maidan
  • • Shahid Smarak

What is Total Airways Distance Between Delhi to Patna

However, the Delhi to Patna flight distance is 853 km, and the fastest flight to reach over there are 1 hr 30 minutes. A lot of flights and airlines go between Delhi and Patna. Come down after a months notice, which means that we do not have to stand in line at the airport or worry about procuring one in time. Therefore book at least one month advance to get the cheapest

Compulsory Documents Needed While Boarding the Flights

You should be careful about carrying any ID proof with you on your trip.

  • • Passport
  • • Voter ID
  • • Aadhar cards
  • • Driving licenses
  • • Vaccination Certificate( digital or paper form)
  • • School and college identity card for students or kids

Keeping with the modern-day conveniences and quick transportation options, you can now have your Air ticket Delhi to Patna copy in digital form and printed. This will allow you to show authorities that your travel plans are completely confirmed, so they can not claim no one knows when you might be travelling.

How Bhartiya Airways is a Credible Platform for Delhi to Patna Flight Booking

There are plentiful flight booking aggregators in the market, but how can you decide the better one. Allow us to make you aware that how we are better, unique and excellent than others.

People, who are travel freak and plan their trip spur-of-the-moment, can browser our website and find for abundant flights to their desired destination. Select airlines, travel class and airfare based on your budget, convenience and comfort.

We assist in booking cheap air tickets from Delhi to Patna and a personalized relationship manager will guide you in the entire process of flight reservation. We understand passenger needs and make them aware of the ideal time to fly and confirm their memorable journey.

Bhartiya Airways has affordable flights that help you travel within the country. Though there are different flight fares, they try to offer budget-priced ones. You can be free of anxiety on your international journey as well. You are never required to check flight status with Bhartiya Airways, but they will send important notifications from time to time to help you keep track and focus on the other parts of your business.

Moreover, the ticket cancellation and refund process in Bhartiya Airways is free from any lengthy process. You can cancel your flight 2 hours before the flight departure. Moreover when you claim refund, our staff is helpful to get your money returned within 3-4 days.

In case, you do not know how to book flights for Delhi to Patna travel, there is point of unease, because our dedicated technicians and help desk will assist you in booking flights wherever you want to travel within India and abroad.

How to Book Low-Priced Air Tickets from Delhi to Patna on Bhartiya Airways?

Use the website of Bhartiya Airways, log in with your correct email, password & username. Now we have a great selection of airlines and the perfect time to fly. You can opt for cheap flight tickets from Delhi to Patna within 24 hours and find roundtrip flights to any destination in the world.

Book the cheapest airfare for your Domestic & International trip with Bhartiya Airways. Start by inputting you will be departing and then, after that, the date when you will be returning. Please select the travel class and number of passengers travelling on the flight on this page. It usually burns a lot of time to search through all the available flights on the website, but our automated search can save that hassle.

Q.What is The Maximum Allowance Of Luggage I Can bring On The Delhi to Patna Flight?

While booking a flight ticket from Delhi to Patna, the checked baggage weight must not exceed 20 kg, and hand luggage is 8 kg. However, some airlines can permit 8 kg of hand luggage in addition to the standard two-piece travel bag. You can also see more details on the airline website.

Q.How Can I Know Delhi to Patna Air Ticket Price?

Open the Bhartiya Airways app or website and know the flight ticket fare.

Q.What Is The Minimum Time To Travel in Flight from Delhi to Patna?

For the most part, it takes a little over 1 hr 30 minutes to get to your destination on this Delhi to Patna flight.

Q.How Can I Perform Web Check-In For My Forthcoming Delhi at Patna flight?

Many airlines have their website, which can make a flight reservation or check-in online. There are also many personal check-in terminals inside airports that you may use if you do not wish to experience bothersome going online.

Q.What are Delhi to Patna Air Ticket Prices in Different Airlines?

Though, you can find flight fares on airline websites and they may changes, still we provide some of the estimated flight tickets from Delhi to Patna

  • GO FIRST- ₹ 1710
  • SpiceJet - ₹ 1780
  • Vistara- ₹2150
  • Indigo - ₹1950
  • Air India-₹2190

Q.How to Check Flight Status & Schedule for a Delhi to Patna flight?

At Bhartiya Airways, our website is easy to use, and you can find all you need right on it. We make it easy from a New Delhi to Patna flight status to a schedule straight from the source.

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