How Much Do You Know about Bangalore to Goa Flight Booking?

The fascination with air travel is basically a common dream of every traveler. Residing in the silicon valley of India, Bangalore, and heading towards is Goa is always in peoples minds. They need to know the easy process of Bangalore to Goa flight booking.

Bhartiya Airways has given you flight ticket reservation features with optimum ease for your feasibility and convenience. At present, six airlines are functioning on Bangalore to Goa flights, and nearly 34 flights fly weekly.

Abundant, reliable airlines presently provide indirect and direct flights between Bengaluru and Goa. These airlines are Indigo, Vistara, Go First, SpiceJet, Air Asia, Air India, Alliance Air, TruJet, Star Air, etc.

The Average fare lies between 2300 that may exceed around 4300 based on the destination, flight accessibility, and booking time. Booking a destination, you need to leave and come back to could remain cheaper if you book a round-trip ticket.

Booking a flight to Goa using Bangalore Airlines is easy and convenient. The airport and the airline are located in close proximity, which means there is a high frequency of flights, and they have some bargains on offer. Everyone loves taking a trip to Goa, whether its for work or leisure! There are some pretty popular flight routes there, and you will never be waiting for more than 15 minutes.

Avail Reasonable Bangalore to Goa flight price at Bhartiya Airways!

Bangalores rapid growth, especially in the IT sector, has seen it being widely hailed as Indias most populous city. It is a major tourist destination with its unique cultural traditions & rich history.

Goa is a beautiful destination with awe-inspiring scenery, amazing beaches, and charming churches. Its also a magnificent place for outdoor activities like scuba diving, water sports, casinos, temples, deluxe hotels, Portuguese culture, and many more.

Getting a reasonable Bangalore to Goa flight price is not a mountain climbing job but a ribbon-cutting task with Bhartiya Airways. The crew and technical department always try to bring everything quickly to your table, because we do not want our passengers to wait long.

Tips to Make Your Air Travel Safe from Bangalore to Goa at the Time of Covid 19

Thanks to the Government of India for making the whole of India vaccinated. However, that doesnt mean we should behave carelessly. In spite of sufficient vaccine availability, people are doubtful about planning any trip.

Many people have been concerned about safety guidelines to make their flight booking protected and secure. Following are a few of the security measures that a passenger needs to abide by mandatorily for making journey prevented from a horrible virus.

Ensure to get first and second vaccination dose minimum 3 weeks prior to planning a trip and bring vaccination credential with you for smoothing the de-boarding process.

During the boarding and de-boarding of the flight, make it necessary to wear a facemask, use sanitizer and keep physical distancing.

As per government order, one must abide by quarantine prior to landing in Goa and returning from the city.

Try to use contact-less communication payment mode to prevent the virus as much as possible.

After adhering to the tips mentioned above, you can make your journey safer and less complicated. Moreover, you can get a memorable trip and lower the risk of infection.

Steps to Book Cheapest flight from Bangalore to Goa Ticket via Bhartiya Airways

Booking your Bangalore to Goa flight ticket as early as possible will get you a better price! As a bonus, a reservation closer to your departure date will also reduce how much you have to pay. Do not book your flights in less than 48 hours because it might be too late or expensive.

It is essential to come across the best flight options when booking to ensure a cheap trip. Obviously, you will want to be able to stay on budget by planning your travel dates and times carefully. If your itinerary can be bendable, this will save you more cash and get you a cheaper ticket.

Do not forget to keep your eyes on discounts, offers, and festive rebates in a ticket by airlines so that you can get the maximum benefits in terms of cheap airfares.

Sneak Peek facts about Bangalore to Goa flight route

Bangalore to Goa flights starts from early morning to late hours. Users can inspect Bangalore to Goa flight schedule and get web check-in features on Bhartiya Airways.

Tons of people visit Goa every week to see the beaches, and the beaches are filling up quickly. There are more than 270 that take off every week from Bangalore to Goa.

The aerial distance between the two cities is nearly 481 km. The estimated flight duration between the two cities is almost 1 hr 15 minutes.

Compulsory Documents to Keep While Boarding The Flight

You must have an ID card onboard the Bangalore-Goa flight. It does not matter which ID you have, but you must carry it with you at all times.

  • • PAN Card/Aadhar Card
  • • Valid Driving License
  • • Valid Passport
  • • Voter ID
  • • For kids school identity card or birth certificate are enough
  • • Flight Ticket( Digital or printed copy)


Q. How Many Total Flights Are Available for Bengaluru to Goa in a Week?

Nearly 270 flights travel from Bengaluru to Goa in a week.

Q. Which Is The Last Flight From Bengaluru to Goa?

The last Bangalore to Goa flight timing is at 23:30:00. Check the airline website which one flies at this time.

Q. How Much Minimum Time It Does Take To Reach Bengaluru to Goa via flight ?

The minimum Bangalore to Goa flight duration to Goa via airways is almost 75 minutes.

Q. When Does The First Flight Take Off From Bengaluru to Goa?

The first flight from Bengaluru to Goa starts at 00:15:00(not fixed, may change with situation and time) via Jet Airways.

Q. How Many Direct Flights Take Off Between Bengaluru to Goa?

Almost 11 direct flights take off between Bengaluru to Goa.

Q. How Many Connecting Flights Take Off Between Bengaluru to Goa?

Nearly 259 connecting flights take off between Bengaluru to Goa.

Q. What Is The Average Bangalore to Goa flight fare?

You need to check different airlines and Bhartiya Airways website to see the Bangalore to Goa ticket price.

Q. What is the Flight Distance Between Bengaluru to Goa?

The Bangalore to Goa distance by flight is almost 481 Km.

Q. What Is The Limitation of Luggage One Can Bring To The flight?

Baggage limitation for airlines varies depending on whether you are traveling in economy, business class, or first class and the airline in question. For Air India flights to Goa, up to 25 kg of checked baggage is permissible as Baggage Allowance certificate/passenger ticket is submitted at the check-in counter. At Mumbai airport, 8 kg of hand baggage is permitted. Domestic flights allow you to carry on a maximum of 7 kg of hand luggage and 15 kg of checked luggage.

Q. What Are The Steps To Conduct Web Check-In For The Forthcoming Bengaluru to Goa flight?

To be given priority and keep away from extended wait times at airports, you have to do your homework and visit the official airline websites. You have to fill out a short form indicating where you are traveling from departure, your PNR number, and your last name. From there, they will provide the applicable information that corresponds with what seat(s), meal, etc.

Q. Is It Possible To Book Bangalore to Goa Flight Booking Online?

Yes, it is possible with Bhartiya Airways and airlines website to book flights online.

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